The main mission for someone who is learning a new language is to speak freely and with no problems, feeling comfortable with their knowledge even if it is not a lot what they know. You can stand up with what you know but you can improve your Castilian with some correct advices to learn Spanish.


Tips to learn Spanish

In order to learn Spanish you need to accept this in your daily routine. This is a complete and complicated language, so, you need to include it in your daily speech in order to feel comfortable about what you are doing.


-Tag objects in your home

You need to know the name of all objects in your home, office, subway, each place you go. If you don’t know something, write it down, search the translation, and repeat until you don’t forget it anymore.


-Practice from the beginning

You need to practice each lesson, if you don’t understand something as for example: Past tenses in Spanish, ask to our online support, practice with your Spanish speakers relatives or search some online extra information.


-Watch movies with Spanish subtitles

This is a big step that you should take. It is important to watch series or movies with subtitles of the language you want to learn. For example, I learned a lot of french watching french movies with french subtitles. That helps a lot to know grammar, spelling and phonetic.


-Listen to Spanish music

You will learn a lot of modern expressions and local slang that will enrich your vocabulary. There are a lot of Spanish artists that will be easily understood.


-Learn at least 3 verbs daily

This a trick from high school. If you want to understand very well this or any other language, is good for you to memorize at least 3 verbs and all it’s conjugations everyday. This is one of the best tips to learn Spanish vocabulary.


-Speak or die trying!

If you don’t speak, you don’t learn, you don’t progress. What’s the joke about learning and paying for a course if you are not attending to one to one conversational lessons or you don’t practice with your friends? That’s another main key aspect to speak like a native amigo.




10 Hidden Secrets Of How To Use Your English To Speak Spanish


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10 Hidden Secrets Of How To Use Your English To Speak Spanish


Download free eBook with advice from experts