Effortless with simple and easy steps

Based on the model of learning that children follow from an early age to learn to speak. They repeat what they hear again and again until they internalize it in a natural way, and begin to communicate with a very simple base that they are steadily reinforcing.

Traditional teaching methods do not prioritize communication skills, so one does not acquire the ability to use all the knowledge learned in a practical way.

What is important for us:

  • We place the student at the center of learning.
  • We apply the system with which we learned our mother tongue to learn a second language.
  • In ‘Hablar Español’ you will always interact with people. Behind each student it is a
  • human team at your disposal who accompanies you on your journey to fluency.
  • To develop our students abilities to speak Spanish is our main goal.

To become fluent and confident in Spanish or understand the conversational vocabulary, fast speed and accents of native Spanish speakers, you must learn like one

How native learn

Through direct language learning

The children speak automatically and without thinking because they learn everything in Spanish.

Through natural fluency training

Children are inmersed completely in the language, learning and integrating everything as one complete system.


Main Focus on Conversational Speech

Children learn the every day spoken language and how to communicate naturally without attending grammar rules.


Learning with Real, Spanish Natives

Children develop listening skills and great pronunciation by learning from ntive speakers.

How students learn

Focus learning through translation

All students hesitate and think before speaking because they are learning a new language translating their native one.


Memorization of Language Lessons

Most students fail to learn vocebulary and gramar by reviewing enless Word lists and rules individually.


Focus Mainly on Reading and writing

They cannot speak naturally or conversationally because they are learning “textbook” Spanish.


Learning With No Natural Lessons

Slow lessons do not help them understand spoken Spanish or develop native-like pronunciation.

The way to learn for ever


So the ones who win in this game are the ones who are able to communicate fluently in Spanish. However results don’t happen just by learning the language.

One thing is to acquire the knowledges and another thing to develop the necessary skills to put them into practice all life long.

That is the reason why our system is completely focused on real practice, with an unlimited learning potential, training you to acquire the communiation skills to speak Spanish naturally and confidently in less time. You will always learn from Spanish native speakers.

With our method your only risk is learning real Spanish from Spain!!

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