¿Thinking to Speak Spanish?

Speak like a native with only 

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Spanish for Begginers Course

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Speak Spanish easily without studying grammar, the same way you learnt your mother tongue.


 Step by Step,  at any age, anywhere  

 Online Spanish Course focused on conversation.

 Boring grammar and rules are internalized without realize in an easy and funny way.

 Improve your pronunciation effortless by repetition, as children do when learning their mother tongue.

Practical method with regular small group webinars and private FB community, to share practice with students all over the world.

Do you feel frustration because you are not able to speak Spanish even if you have studied before?

Have trouble to understand when they speak to you in Spanish?

 Do you think that learning to speak Spanish is very difficult and only a few succeed?

If you think that learning a second language is possible

You Are in The Right Place

 Online Spanish Course Level 1

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learn to speak fluent spanish

40 Units

learn spanish fast

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learn spanish online

40 Contents

spanish courses online

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+ Bonus Exclusive Guide '10 Hidden Secrets to speak Spanish'

“From our experience we can assure you that the failure to learn a foreign language is not in the student but in the system. With the right method is guaranteed that anyone can be trained to speak Spanish”

¿Why to choose our Online Spanish Course?



Learning from native Spanish speakers.

Confortably withour moving

Spanish Courses Online. Video and audio lessons. At your own pace. At home, at the office, at the gym, in the park…. Anywhere is good to learn.

At any time

Adaptable to all schedules. Only 20 minutes a day.


All devices

Suitable to Computers, Tablets, ipads…. wherever you are.

With no limits

No matter your age. if you want, you can. Everyone can Speak Spanish with our step by step method focused in real communication.

Easy and fun

Without facing boring gramar or difficult rules. You will speak in a natural way as children do when learning their mother tongue.

“When we studied foreing languages we just thought we were part of those people who couldn’t learn another language…”

We couldn’t remember anything we studied, no matter how hard we tried. We also couldn’t understand the pronunciation and accents of native speakers, or the slangs, idioms and expressions they used in conversations. At the end We got it.

We were unconfortable and incredibly nervous around native speakers, so we would usually just sit and listen while others talked, pretending to understand their words and wishing we could express ourselves like they did.  At the end We got it.

In conversations, we hesitated constantly, often having to think of what to say and translate words in our head before speaking. We regularly used unnatural-sounding, inappropriate words, and pronounced them incorrectly. Usually people complained that they couldn’t understand us. It was frustrated.  At the end We got it.

At the end, once we realized that it was the system that stopped us from getting fluent, we began learning like native speakers untill finally we got it.

Our method helped us to be able to speak other languages fluently without any problem. We lernt how to speak English, German and even Chinese. This was the reason we decided to help, with the same Step by Step system, to all those people who really wish to speak Spanish”

What does our Spanish Course for you:

“The secret to fluency and speaking confidence is to learn like native Spanish speakers, with an Spanish Fluency Guide who knows how to get you from where you are to where you want to be.”

Our Spanish Fluency System, helps you learn the same way native Spanish speakers do – training you to understand native, spoken Spanish automatically – so you learn to speak fluently and naturally, without hesitation.

As Spanish Fluency Coachs are also ourselves confident speakers of a second language, so we know exactly how to lead you quickly to fluency in simple steps. We share our experience and expertise, protecting you from dangerous, time-wasting mistakes, and revealing the most effective ways to become a confident speaker on a fun and interesting adventure.

Our Online Spanish Course also helps you learn more than just the language, giving you the skills and confidence required for personal and professional success.

What you will not find in our Spanish for Beginners Course:


Traditional English lessons

Traditional English lessons that teach you to memorize individual parts of a language instead of helping you learn them as a whole, so you can use them automatically.

Unnatural conversations

To train you to use words and expressions that sound unnatural in conversations, so you often worry if what you say is correct, and never develop speaking confidence.

As you move through the lessons, you’re trained to use correct grammar without thinking, understand even fast native speakers with difficult accents, improve your pronunciation so you’re understandable, rapidly increase your conversational Spanish vocabulary, and build speaking confidence.

There is nothing to memorize, and you actually FEEL and SEE yourself improve…

What is said of our Spanish for Beginners Course

“I’ve been trying to speak Spanish for years. With this course I can now communicate with total confidence and enjoy everything I have learned. Thank you very much for your help.”

Barbara Odwen, 35  USA

“Until I followed your courses I could not communicate in Spanish. At last a method that has taught me to trust myself and motivated me to continue learning. I really recommend it to all who want to learn how to speak Spanish !!”

Akiyama51 Shanghai

“My coworkers can not believe I can speak Spanish so quickly. A method that I liked a lot, easy and fun.”

Salima26  Abu Dhabi

No more feeling stuck because you have to translate something – or think about grammar rules – before you speak.
No more wondering whether you’re using the right expression for the situation.

No more feeling nervous or shy in Spanish conversations.

And all in Only 20 Minutes a day!


This complete Level 1 Spanish Course features:

The real Spanish style in vocabulary and expressions. Develop global fluency with native Spanish speakers and enjoy the language in all the Spanish speaking countries.

Downloadable lessons. Learn anywhere, anytime on any device, even without Internet.

Video program with additional audio version to practice when walking, at the gym, at the beach…

Regular Group Webinars to reinforce and practice individually.

Priority Email Support. If you need advice and support on your Spanish learning, you will find a tutors team who will help with any question you have on your jurney to fluency.

Private Facebook Community. Make new friends and find speaking practice partners.

Everyone learns to speak their mother tongue.

¿Why not use the same approach with a second language?


If your dream is to speak Spanish as a native… it’s time to do what it takes to make it a reality!

Start now our Level 1 and work easily your way up. With our system the Spanish language will be a part of you, naturally.

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Frequently Asked Questions
¿How do I choose my level?
Choose level 1 If you have never studied Spanish language or you have it forgotten. If you want to internalize all the concepts from the beginning.

Choose level 2 If you already have some knowledge of the Spanish language and you can already speak in simple conversations with basic structures.

Choose level 3 If you have general knowledges of the language and you can speak in conversations.

If you already speak Spanish or you just have it forgotten and you want to recover it or practice it to improve your level, your best option is the Club.

¿How much time do I need to be able to speak Spanish?
If you start from scratch, in a period of one year you will be able to develop yourself with confidence in most everyday situations. Imagine with only one year and speak Spanish all your life.
¿What differentiates this course from the rest of what I see on the internet?
This course is totally focused on communication. It is specialized only in the teaching of the Spanish language and taught by native people, not by software or algorithms that teach different languages. Our system makes you feel that it is just for you, close, personalized and that as a student you interact with people.
¿How much time do I have to study each day?
The ideal is to hold short sessions every day instead of a very long one day a week. It is advisable to spend between 20 and 30 minutes per day on a regular basis. If you have less daily time but you are constant in your dedication you will also get excellent results in a little more time.
¿What forms of payment do I have available?
You can make the payment by credit card, Paypal and also by bank transfer