Help for the student

One to One

This is your personal communication session, in which you will speak with a real Spanish native person in real time.

You will enjoy a personal private conversation every week.

This is the most important part of the course, the part in which you will really work on communication and gain fluency in the practice of Spanish.
Little by little, week by week, you will develop skills to put into practice all the knowledge acquired in the program, gaining confidence in yourself exponentially.

You will have at your disposal different Speakers, so that you get used to listening to different accents and intonations, which will train your ears to identify and internalize the Spanish language in a natural way.

How far in advance do I have to book my session with the Speaker?
Each week you have to book the session for the following week.
If I can not attend once booked, can I change the date?
You can change the date with a minimum of 48 hours in advance, not later. If you do not attend and it has not been modified, the session will be considered as held.
If a week you do not book your session, is it cumulative for another week?
No. The program allows you a weekly private communication session, no more Sessions not held are not cumulative.
Can I always reserve the same Speaker?
You could do it if it’s available, but it’s not recommended. It is much better that your practices are developed with different speakers, of different accents, so that you get used to listening and understanding different people.

Conversation Group

Welcome to our ‘Coffee Corner’.

This is our meeting point with other students to practice among friends.
Every fifteen days we will enjoy interactive practical sessions in small groups, in which a subject will be discussed and discussed in a playful and relaxed way.

Through a descriptive photograph that you will receive a few days before the meeting, you will know in advance the topic to be discussed and its most relevant vocabulary, so that you can become familiar with the content of each session.

All attendees will participate equally, to practice oral expression, acquire fluency and enrich their communication in Spanish.

Reserve your place and meet new friends!!

How far in advance do I have to reserve my participation?
You will have two meetings available per month in small groups. Our advice is to reserve your place as soon as you know your calendar availability.
Once I have registered, can I change the date of my participation?
Yes, but it must be at least 48 hours in advance. After that you will not be able to change it and you will lose your participation.
How will I know the topic to be discussed in each meeting?
Once you sign up, your place will be confirmed and you will receive an email explaining the topic to be discussed and its most relevant vocabulary, so that you can familiarize yourself with it before the session is held.
How will I access the Coffee Corner?
Before each session you will receive an email with a link to access it. This access is not public, it is only for you and each encounter will have a different one.

Lesson Video

The videos of the lessons will present you words, phrases and daily structures.

They are divided into two videos, since it is always better to have a shorter session and practice it, than a long session and not to practice what you have learned.

They are designed so that you see them at least twice. The first time you should pay special attention to the pronunciation in Spanish that you are listening to.

The following times, repeat the word or phrase aloud, immediately after listening to it in Spanish, to quickly familiarize yourself with the structure.

If you can repeat the Spanish voice aloud more than once, the better.

As you get used to the Spanish phonetics, you will see how you internalize the sounds and improve your pronunciation almost without realizing it.

Each video also has its audio version, and it is downloadable, so you can listen to it as many times as you wish and you can practice at your own pace anywhere.

Can I download the video?
Each video will have the downloadable audio version so you can practice at your own pace anywhere.


In this space you will find your notebook with explanations and examples.

It will serve as a guide to know the theory of each lesson.

We will try different aspects of the Spanish language and you will learn them in a practical way, without having to delve into grammatical concepts. Read them at your own pace as many times as you need and enjoy their content.

It is complemented with exercises that we recommend you do with each lesson, to strengthen both the different points treated and the vocabulary presented in each notebook.

Can I download the texts?
Yes, all the texts are downloadable.

Use of Spanish

Here you will know the true use of Spanish, as well as practical aspects that will help us to work on communication in different situations.

Each lesson is developed by independent subjects of the language, which are being worked on little by little, increasing its depth in it.

As we are working on this area and practicing its structures in our communication, we are at the same time gaining security and fluency.

Each chapter is downloadable so that if you wish you have always at hand a guide that will help you in your learning.

The audio version contains the words and phrases in Spanish of each lesson.

Listen to it for the first time just to know the sound and then listen to it again by repeating aloud every word or phrase to familiarize yourself and gradually improve your pronunciation.

Can I download the texts and the audios?
Yes, all the materials in this section are downloadable for your practice and consultation.


Each lesson presents a dialogue between two or more people, with simple structures, which are developed in different everyday situations of life.

All are real situations, which will provide you with a practical and useful vocabulary in your communication.

Listen to the full audio a first time, and later you can go repeating the dialogue as if you were one of the participants.

Remember, the more you practice what you hear, the easier it will be to internalize the language and communicate with other people.

Practice aloud, try to imitate the sounds you hear with the same intonation, and so you will also train your ears to the phonetics of the Spanish language.

Enjoy the dialogues, imagine that you are in that situation and that you are part of it.
If you have time, practice the dialogue of each character.

Can I download the audios of the dialogues?
Yes, they are downloadable so you can practice at your own pace until you master the expressions and pronunciation.


This is the most playful space of the program. In each lesson you will find a Mission to be performed in the form of a game, which you will have to solve by following the instructions and instructions of each one.

The goal is to face the challenge and find the right solution.

Each mission will provide you with new vocabulary that you will establish in an easy and fun way.

As you carry out missions correctly you will also get prizes exchangeable for surprises !!
Relax and enjoy, the game will start…


Although the learning process of the program is individual, you will never be alone.

Our team of tutors is at your disposal to help you throughout your process of knowledge and practice of the Spanish language.

For any operational questions or administrative questions, please contact us